User Roles

Limit the authority of your Eleiss Marketing Deck account users and minimise the risk of any unauthorised content going live on your business site

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Assign a role to your Eleiss Marketing Deck account users from ‘admin’, ‘moderator’ or ‘editor’ and limit their ability to manage your site according to the assigned role.

This allows you to create users and assign them roles according to their authority and ability.

Use Case

You want a presentation on Eleiss Marketing Deck for your new product but are either too occupied or unsuitable to do it by yourself.

You decide to delegate the task to your marketing team by creating users for them on your Eleiss Marketing Deck account by assigning editor role to your marketing staff and moderator role to your marketing manager.

Your marketing staff can now create content for your new product but cannot publish it and your marketing manager can approve the content before making it live.

The page locking feature on the Eleiss Marketing Deck offers an added layer of security when working with multiple user roles.

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